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Technicians' worklog

Hanhan Tang


Q1: What is the atmosphere like in the Yamanaka laboratory?


The work contents are diverse and meaningful. The working atmosphere is relaxing and pleasant, colleagues and PIs are easy to get along with, and the lab atmosphere is pleasant and full of positive energy. I feel like this is a lab where people can continue to improve, and I can continue to learn new things from here.

Q2: What kind of work do you do as a Technician?

1. 管理实验室物资。保证实验仪器正常运转以及实验材料充足。

2. 负责转基因小鼠繁育、基因分型。

3. 进行分子生物学、组织化学实验。

4. 持续学习新知识和新技术,与实验室成员共同进步。

5. 力所能及的帮助实验室成员。

1. Manage laboratory materials. Ensure the normal operation of experimental equipment and sufficient experimental materials.

2. Responsible for the breeding and genotyping of transgenic mice.

3. Conduct molecular biology and histochemistry experiments.

4. Continuously learn new knowledge and new technologies and make progress together with lab members.

5. Help lab members as much as possible.

Ronghan Lin


Q1: What is the atmosphere like in the Yamanaka laboratory?


The Yamanaka Laboratory boasts a friendly, relaxed, and collaborative atmosphere where teamwork and mutual support are highly valued. Our diverse team works together harmoniously, sharing knowledge and ideas to advance the field of neuroscience. This positive and enjoyable environment fosters creativity, innovation, and a strong sense of community among all members.

Q2: What kind of work do you do as a Technician?


As a Technician in the Yamanaka Laboratory, I manage lab equipment and supplies, teach the students proper equipment usage, and maintain necessary experimental conditions (Prepare, maintain and control the reagents required for the experiment. Clean and sterilize glassware). Aslo, My responsibilities include conducting molecular biological, histochemical, and electrophysiological experiments. I handle genotyping and manage colonies of genetically modified mice.  My role is crucial in supporting the daily research activities and ensuring the smooth operation of the lab.