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Postdoctoral positions are available for highly motivated and collaborative young scientists who are interested in the neural mechanisms underlying sleep/wakefulness, emotion/cognition, and these interactions.  

The Yamanaka-Ohmura Lab is a new research group at the Chinese Institute for Brain Research, Beijing (CIBR). The CIBR was founded in 2018 and has constructed an efficient research environment by providing several supporting facilities, such as the virus vector core and the imaging facility core. Further information regarding the CIBR can be found on the website:

We are studying the neural mechanisms of sleep/wakefulness regulation and emotion/cognition by using mice. We are seeking efficient, responsible, and dedicated personnel for our new laboratory. Further information regarding our research can be found on our website:
We can provide you with an excellent research environment and exciting experience leading to your next step as a successful researcher. Great research together!

1. Job title

Post-doctoral fellow

2. Qualifications (required)
Candidates must be or have:
A.     Ph.D     . in Neuroscience, Cell Biology, or related fields (but Ph.D. candidates can apply for this position if they are expected to have a Ph.D. before starting to work with us)
B. Less than 35 years old.
C     .     A     team player who shares knowledge and expertise with lab members.
D     .     P     roficient in one of the following     experiments     :
Electrophysiology (slice     patch     clamp, extracellular recordings using silicon probe,     EEG     or EMG recordings), neural manipulation using optogenetics or chemogenetics, molecular biology, cell biology of neuronal and glial cells, immunohistochemical study of brain, or behavior analysis using mice.
E     .     T     he minimum English skill required for research communication. Please note that English is the primary language used at the CIBR.
3. Qualifications (preferred)
It is preferable if candidates have:
A. Computational or programming skills (e.g.,     Matlab     and/or     Python     etc.     ).
B. At least one publication in an international journal as a first author.
4. Term/Starting date
We invite applications for a one-year,     full-time     position with a flexible start date and the possibility of successive appointments for up to three additional years (four years total). We will consider the situation of the candidates about the start date as much as we can, especially when the applicants are     Ph.D     . candidates. Please get in touch with us in that case.
5. Salary/Benefits:
Yearly salary starting at about CNY 250000. The position's salary depends on the candidate's experience and qualifications, which will be internationally competitive. In addition, generous benefits, including insurance and welfare benefits, family benefits, and subsidized housing, if possible, will be provided.
6. How to apply:
Interested applicants should send a cover letter and English CV to yamank[at] with Cc to hr[at] and yuohmura[at] Also, please provide recommendation letters from 2 persons or contact details of 2 referees. Please send an e-mail to yamank[at] or yuohmura[at] if you have any questions. We welcome questions before formal applications.

北京脳科学研究所 ポスドク募集

山中・大村研究室は、北京脳科学研究所(CIBR)に     おいて     2022年に     スタートした     新しい研究グループです。CIBRは2018年に設立され、神経科学分野でOutstandingな約40名の     PI     が研究を行っており、ウイルスベクターコアやイメージング施設コアなどの複数の支援施設が研究を積極的に支援してくれるため、研究者にとって理想的で非常に効率的な研究環境         構築     されて     います。CIBRに関する詳細は     下記     ウェブサイトをご覧ください。:

   1. 神経科学、細胞生物学、または関連分野の博士号を取得もしくは2024年4月までに取得見込みの方。
   2. 雇用予定開始時に35歳未満である方。
   3     . 第一著者として国際ジャーナルに少なくとも1つの論文を発表している方。
   4     . 研究実施上の最低限のコミュニケーションを英語で行うことが可能な方。
   上記     4     つの条件は必須です。
   また、必須ではありませんが、電気生理学(スライスパッチクランプ、シリコンプローブを用いた細胞外記録、脳波や筋電図の記録)、オプトジェネティクスやケモジェネティクスを用いた神経操作、分子生物学、神経細胞やグリア細胞の細胞生物学、脳の免疫組織化学的研究、マウスを用いた行動解析、プログラミング(Python,     Matlab     など)のいくつかに精通していることが望ましいです。
   提出先:山中章弘 および CIBR人事係
   ・     カバーレーター(これまでの研究内容、志望理由などを記載)
   ・         CV     (研究業績、研究費獲得等を記載)
   ・     2名の推薦書か、問い合わせ可能な2名の連絡先(氏名・所属・電子メールアドレス)
   山中章弘 もしくは大村優にお問い合わせ下さい。